The Rush: Texas loses to Arkansas 21-40

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FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas - Texas takes loss from old rival Arkansas 21-40 scoring only three rushing touchdowns, one from Bijan Robinson in the third quarter and two from Casey Thompson in the fourth quarter after he entered the game late in the third quarter with 1:50 left on the clock.

Texas did not score until the third quarter, Arkansas' ability to continuously rush and get into positions for a field goal gave them the win. Arkansas had 333 yards rushing to Texas' 138 yards and Arkansas (4-4) field goals to Texas (0-1) field goal. There were no passing touchdowns by either team.

Texas' offense was shut down and could not convert until the third quarter when Thompson came in and moved the ball, who then scored two TD's in the fourth, but it was too late.

Texas was held to 118 yards passing, Card (61), Thompson (57) while Arkansas' Jefferson (138). Take away Arkansas field goals and the score is 21-28.

Most of the data between the two are relatively close, except for rushing and field-goals. Arkansas held Bijan Robinson to 77 yards on 19 carries giving up 3.9 yards per carry. Rushing attempts and average, Texas (41-3.9) Arkansas (47-7.1) tells most of the story of what happened. Texas could not stop Arkansas once they passed the line of scrimmage.

Time of possession was about the same also Texas (29:00), Arkansas (31:00).

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Cameron Dicker missed a field goal and bobbled a snap on a punt that gave Arkansas great field position. Since Dicker is the punter, field goal, kickoff kicker, may he is taking on to much. Dicker has 309 career points that puts him fifth on the Longhorns all-time scoring list and third in scoring all-tie among UT kickers.

When Texas gets to the red zone, they score every time, are now 8-8 on the season after going 3-3 against Arkansas.

On defense, BJ Foster early in the second half pulled in a one-arm interception, Josh Thompson had a career-high six tackles with DeMarvion Overshown's eight tackles.

After the game, Sarkisian was ask about the Hudson Card and Casey Thompson and he said it was too early to talk about that.

Coming up is Rice on Sept. 18 (SAT)...we will be there in the press box and on the field getting action shots.

Texas vs Arkansas

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