Texas will go as far as Ehlinger can take it

Texas football quarterback Sam Ehlinger points forward for a Longhorn first down during their 48-45 win over Oklahoma in the Red River Showdown (photo by Don Bender/Horns Illustrated).

By Steve Habel, Senior Contributing Writer

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas is humming because the man in control of the Longhorns’ offense — the beat-you-to-the-punch quarterback Sam Ehlinger — is brimming with confidence born of success, preparation, grit and guile.

If you have any notion the Longhorns are anything but a reflection of Ehlinger’s personality and his physical, relentless style, then, well, you haven’t been paying attention over the past five games where he’s helped elevate Texas to the No. 9 team in the country.

"Confidence is being gained every week, we’re understanding that we can continue to get better," Ehlinger said. "The only thing stopping us is ourselves in certain situations, and we understand that. I feel like now we’re playing less uptight, per se, we’re not afraid to make mistakes."


Steve Habel

Steve Habel is a senior contributing writer for Horns Illustrated. He has covered Texas sports since 1989 and was this magazine’s senior editor for 24 years. You can follow him on twitter @stevehabel .

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