Texas Women’s Basketball advance to 2020 NCAA Sweet 16

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Aaliyah Moore dominated against Utah scoring 21 points and 5 rebounds. (photo by Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated)

In the last game ever at the Frank Erwin Center, Texas Women’s Basketball crushes Utah 78-56

AUSTIN, Texas — The level of basketball Texas played against Utah can be described as remarkable, relentless, and unstoppable with Texas shooting a season high 64% from the field, hitting 35-55. Texas shot 20-28 (71%) at halftime.

Texas had four players score double digits, however the most outstanding player was the unstoppable and powerful Aaliyah Moore who scored 21 points, 14 the first half, and had five rebounds. Moore hit 9-10 (90%) from the field, 3-4 (75%) at the free-throw line. All of this in 20 minutes of play.

Seriously, we wanted to ask if she drank Powerade for breakfast.

Aliyah Matharu was electric hitting 6-7 (86%) FG with 2-2 from three point range. Moore has a way of disrupting the entire floor with her driving the lanes only to pass the ball for someone to take a better shot, plus she pulled down five defensive rebounds.

Aliyah Matharu said of Moore at the postgame when talking about her level of play, “I knew she was cash.” 

Joanne Allen-Taylor sank 12 points, two steals and was the only player to play 40 minutes. Rori Harmon hurt her ankle and we saw it wrapped in ice when she walked into the postgame press conference. Harmon scored 11 points, four rebounds, eight assists, and two steals. 

Texas forced Utah into 19 turnovers then capitalized with 18 points. 

The game got out of hand at the start of the second quarter. Texas came out and took the score from 19-17 to 25-17 in the first 2:20. At the half, Texas was up 44-30 and at the start of the fourth quarter up 64-42.

After Friday’s game against Fairfield, even though Texas won, coach Schaefer was not happy and blamed himself for not coaching his team to play at the level they have set the bar at. 

The quote on Texas’ practice facility wall says, “It Is Not What We Do But How We Do It,” may have been the reason why Schaefer was so upset and he got the attention of the team during Saturday’s practice.

Words Texas Women's Basketball Live By (photo Horns Illustrated)

Freshman Rori Harmon reiterated in the postgame, “Win or go home. We didn’t want to go home.”

From our vantage point, we sat in the row behind the announcer’s table just off the court and witnessed the most intense, high-level, relentless basketball game that is best described as a control fight. Right behind us was ‘Super Fan’ Marcia Kirkland holding the #TEXASFIGHT banner 

Marcia Kirkland is a Super Longhorns Fan (photo Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated)

Rori Harmon and Aaliyah Moore stood in front of us after the game as the crowd was so loud we could not hear them. Then the crowd started to sing ‘The Eyes of Texas.’

Wondering if Texas plays Stanford again and plays at the same level they played today against Utah, would Texas beat Stanford. Utah’s Coach Lynne Roberts said, “Stanford is legit. My hypothetical money is on Stanford, just because they’re Pac-12.” 

Texas advances to the Sweet 16 to play on Mar. 25 (FRI) against the winner of the Ohio State vs LSU game on Mar 21.

Courtside Photos

by Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated

Courtside photos courtesy Texas Athletics

Texas Royalty: HOF Jody Conradt and Retha Swindell at Texas vs UTAH (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)
Texas bench scored 44 points during win against UTAH 78-56 in 2022 NCAA Round Two to advance to Sweet 16.

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