The Secret how Sarkisian was able to sign 4th best class of 2022

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Steve Sarkisian Class of 2022
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AUSTIN, Texas — There are 25 new players, so far, joining the Texas Longhorns football 2022 class. Of these 25 players, 19 (75%) are from Texas. After a 5-7 2021 season, how was Sarkisian and his staff of coaching juggernauts able to attract and sign the fourth best class of 2022?

At his last press conference before the conclusion of the 2021 season, we asked Sarkisian if he thought it would be difficult to attract and recruit blue-chip players in the wake of his difficult first year.

Sarkisian said confidently, “I don’t think so. Players who are considering coming here see the blueprint of what the potential could look like here with the way we are going about our business.”

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Immediately after the final game, Sarkisian and his staff set out traveling across the State of Texas like Bob and Kelli Phillips do for Texas Country Reporter with only a short time before early signing day. Sarkisian focused on one destination. Texas high schools so that he could connect with coaches, players, and families to develop relationships and see first hand why football is Texas’ most popular sport.

At Sarkisian’s very first press conference after taking the job at Texas, there was deep concern he would not recruit players in his new backyard of Texas. Sarkisian said he would reach out and engage with high school coaches in Texas and that is the reason Sarkisian and the Texas Longhorns were able to attract and capture the blue-chip players and thus be ranked No. 4 class of 2022.

Hear directly from head coach Steve Sarkisian on his secret, what he did every single day that paid off on early signing day, and the importance he places on Texas high school football coaches, players, and programs.

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