Three Reasons Bijan Robinson May Stay At Texas for Senior Year

Jake Majors follows Bijan Robinson into the end zone
2020 Valero Bowl, Bijan Robinson named MVP along with DeMarvion Overshown. This photo is Robinson racing to the end zone followed by center and his good friend Jake Majors (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

I know what you are thinking … Before you judge, read to the end!

Bijan Robinson has not made his decision to go to the NFL draft or stay at Texas for his senior year officially, so we are going to speculate like everyone else. 

Our speculation though is not based on common sense or prevailing wisdom, but a gut feeling that comes from a few situations we observed that make us wonder, is Robinson staying?

Common sense and prevailing wisdom say that Robinson has checked all the boxes to prove he is ready for the NFL and will likely get drafted high, some say top 5, in the draft. If so, he is looking at becoming a multimillionaire instantly, though he likely is already a millionaire from NIL, you would think. No doubt, Robinson deserves every penny he has earned.

Prevailing wisdom also says, if you stay to play at Texas and get hurt, then you will potentially regret your decision for the rest of your life. 

Here are three reasons we think Robinson may stay one more year


Robinson loves playing for the Texas Longhorns. In a postgame news conference last season Robinson was asked if he had ever considered playing for another team and responded with a flat out, “No!”

Before coming to Texas, Robinson shared that Steve Sarkisian, while coaching at Alabama, tried to recruit him to come to Alabama. Robinson said that he respectfully declined because all his life his heart was set on playing for Texas. We do not think Robinson is ready to give that up yet.


In another situation during a Monday afternoon post Sarkisian press conference last season, we asked Robinson if there was anyone who inspired him, that he looked up to, like people look up to you and are inspired by you?

Robinson looked at us and without hesitation said there is one person on his team that inspires him, Jake Majors. He is the guy who holds him accountable, has his back, and inspires him. It is not by chance that after most touchdowns you see Majors lifting Robinson high over his head in the end zone.

Robinson speaks about his other teammates also as if they were brothers. This is natural, but it is the way Robinson talks about the other players. To Robinson they are family and for this reason also, we don’t think he is ready to give that up and will stay playing at Texas one more year.


Again, in a post game interview, Robinson shared that he is loyal. He committed to Texas and plans on seeing it through until the end. It is important to note that this was during the end of last season (2021) when Texas did not do so well. Robinson assured everyone where his heart and loyalties were — Texas!

We think Robinson’s decision is not about the money. His values are family, friendships, team, and loyalty. While he can have all that in the NFL, we do not think he is ready, in his heart, to give up Texas.

Our prediction and we fully understand how unconventional this prediction may be, however, Bijan Robinson stays at Texas one more year, breaks every record known to man (except for Ricky Williams All-Time Rushing. He needs 2,869 yds to break), wins (unanimously) the Heisman, graduates from college, and then goes on to have an amazing career in the NFL.

from Bijan Robinson's Twitter page

There is one aspect of all this that everyone can be assured of. No matter what happens or where Robinson’s life’s journey takes him, he will, as he always has, lift up the name of the Lord, saying it is in God’s hands and he will thank God for everything.