UTweets: A Look at the Longhorn Twitterverse- Does Mack Brown Skate?

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Mack Brown loves the X Games. Who knew? Image/Austin American-Statesman

If you want a look inside the world of an athlete or analyst, there are few better ways to get there than through an observation of their Twitter account. It’s with this in mind that we bring UTweets, a weekly guide to the top Tweets from all those connected to the University of Texas.

If you see Mack Brown hanging with Tony Hawk and riding a skateboard on Guadalupe, now you know why.

Kenny Vacarro appears to be the King of tattoo puns.

Adrian Phillips offers his opinion on the best football uniforms in America.

Katy Perry will love Fozzy Whittaker's choice in music. Taylor Swift? Not so much.

Baltimore Ravens safety Michael Huff really needs to step his Slurpee game up.


Defensive Back Coach & Assistant Head Coach Duane Akina believes a certain class of defensive backs is the greatest ever and we're inclined to agree.

Texas softball's Marlee Gabaldon takes superstition to a new level. We assume she's a huge 7-Eleven fan, and should get Michael Huff a Slurpee while there.

Kacy Clemens shows his Olympic patriotism and sets Serena Williams straight on ESPYs knowledge.


Texas Pom Squad member Aryn Jackson ponders a question we've asked ourselves a hundred times.


Texas baseball's Mark Payton appears as excited as we are for him to be back at UT.

James Schleicher

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