Who may pluck Hudson Card from the transfer portal and it makes total sense

[UPDATE] Hudson Card to the Purdue Boilermaker!

Texas Quarterback Hudson Card had his best game against WVU
Hudson Card had his best game of his college career against WVU. (photo Don Bender / Horns Illustrated)

[UPDATED] 12/26/2022 5:55 p.m.

Pete Thamel, College Football Senior Writer for ESPN, posted on social media the Hudson Card is going to Purdue.

Did not see that coming. What happened to Baylor... we are looking into this.

We got a call this morning from a close source. He says, “Any news out of Texas?” I share my unconventional thoughts on Bijan Robinson staying to play at Texas for one more year and explain why. He was like, “yeah, I can see that, but there is no way he is going to give up multimillions of dollars to play one more year. In his best President George H. W. Bush impression, he says, “Ain’t gonna do it.” Then he says, I got one for you.

“Check this out, Hudson Card to Baylor.” He proceeds to share that an up and coming high school quarterback was talking about going to Baylor and his inner circle redirected him because word on the street is that Hudson Card has Baylor Bears goggles on.

Word on the street is code for, “some high level people know things that not everyone else does.” Of course, that sometimes does not mean anything.

I said, “Baylor? We heard Notre Dame or TCU, and nothing about Baylor” Then his explanation made really good and logical sense. At least more than Card going to Notre Dame does.

Honestly, Baylor’s program seems to fit Card’s personality and demeanor more than TCU does. Plus, coming off the season TCU has had, Card would have a lot of pressure to meet or exceed (if possible) what Max Duggan did this year.

Baylor is only about 100 miles up the road or a one and half-hour drive. The nervous system of football in the State of Texas is highly connected. If not directly, then indirectly through friends, business people, families, and friends. Think of Texas as one big massive family when it comes to Texas football. Of course, everyone wants to rip each other’s throat out on the gridiron during game day. So yeah, everyone is family.

Where do you think Hudson Card will land, if not Baylor?

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