Largest celebration ever held

My Texas Tailgate May 1(photos courtesy of

You just may be party to the largest celebration vEvent (virtual event) ever held

On Friday, May 1, Texas athletics is hosting an all-day party across its massive platform to bring together Texas Longhorns fans from Texas and around the world.

The Longhorns are bringing the total power of their media outlets to allow fans to connect with every sports team at the University of Texas and share their favorite recipes.  It's fan-driven.  You get to share your recipes and even vote for what games Longhorn Network airs.

Imagine getting to connect with and hear from current student-athletes and the head coaches from every team.  Connect with your favorite Longhorns team.

"This may be the single largest event of its kind" - Horns Illustrated

Why Are Longhorns Putting On This Event

To truly understand and appreciate the answer, we simply look to what guides the University of Texas at Austin:

What Starts Here Changes The World

Visiting the UT website right there, front & center, big, bold and proud.

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It starts with leadership.  It starts with someone with a vision and purpose to serve others and be part of something greater than themselves.

Students attending the University of Texas are challenged, stretched and held to a higher standard. Why... those students can go on to serve others and change the world. For example, read about mechanical engineering professor John Goodenough, in Alcalde, who recently won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  His research led to the invention of the lithium-ion battery.

There is not a person on the planet who has not been impacted by John Goodenough.

What Starts Here Changes The World

TEAM SHOP Fanatics Black Fleece Hoodie On Sale

It is about leadership!

Texas Athletics is leading and not allowing ANYTHING to stand in the way of serving Longhorns fans.

[No Games - Social Distancing - No Problem]

Texas Athletics is making "virtual" a sport - This will be a place we can still celebrate, gather together and put our Horns Up for the greatest college sports program in the country.  The Texas Longhorns.

You are invited! Friday, May 1, My Texas Tailgate (see details here)

All day long the Longhorn Network will air the best Longhorns Games of 2019-20 chosen by you, the fans.  We will get to see performances from Longhorn City Limits, and there are going to be massive deals on Longhorns merchandise.

This will be unique, something never done before on this scale. However for those who join in, this may very well be part of a defining moment for Texas and the world.

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Join Longhorns Fans May 1 - Get Those Horns Up - Invite Others - Get Fired Up - Start Your Grills - Let's Party!

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