Sarkisian starts 2023 Texas Longhorns Football with a press conference

Texas Longhorns Football center #65 Jake Majors. Kyle Flood called him a Cyborg.

Steve Sarkisian and assistant coaches hold a press conference prior to start of fall practices to kickoff 2023 season and fielding questions a day prior to the official start of fall practice.

Sarkisian was followed by offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Kyle Flood who was followed by the animated assistant head coach, special teams and tight ends coach Jeff Banks.

It is a great experience to be in the room and get to ask a question of other coaches. It will be the only time during the season At this press conference it will be the only time all season we get a chance to talk with other coach other than Sarkisian.

When you ask Sarkisian a question, even though there may be 30+ other people in the room, he answers your question  like he is serving you meat and potatoes for dinner and he treats the person asking the question like they are the only one in the room.

It is so distinctive that you leave thinking that you just had a 1x1 with him.  It is a great experience.

We asked Sarkisian to share what it was like for players to be on a team that is coached like an NFL team. Several weeks ago on a podcast, Sarkisian commented that he runs Texas Football like an NFL team. 

So, we wondered what it was like for the players.

Listen to what Sarkisian said:
Texas Longhorns Football head coach Steve Sarkisian details on what it is like for players to be on a team that is run like an NFL team.

One of Sarkisian's favorite things to talk about is his special teams. Anytime he is asked about special teams you will see a big smile, his eyes open wide and he leans into his answer. Sarkisian loves special teams.

So, we asked Jeff Banks to help us understand why?

Listen in:
Texas Longhorns Football Special Teams coach Jeff Banks talks about the impact special teams has on Texas.

Horns Illustrated is doing a story in the upcoming 2023 Football Preview Issue about Jake Majors. So, who perfect to comment on Majors than his coach Kyle Flood.

We asked coach Flood if he could elaborate on Major's impact on the team and how it was to coach him.

Flood calls Jake Majors a "Football Cyborg"
Texas Longhorns Football Offensive Line coach Kyle Flood discussed Jake Majors.

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